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Kate Sheofsky is a member of the Marketing team at Banfield. Originally from San Francisco (Go Giants!), she now lives in Portland, Oregon with her dogs, Riley and Pico. ← Older posts

Protect Your Pets from Heartworm Infection

Posted on by Kate Sheofsky

A couple weeks ago my mom asked me if I had my two dogs on heartworm preventive. She recently added a second dog to her household and her veterinarian had recommended starting him a monthly oral pill to protect him … Continue reading

Flea Power

Posted on by Kate Sheofsky

I remember the first time I saw a flea in my apartment. I was curled up on the couch and saw it jump from the cushion onto my sock. I was able to trap it against my foot and kill … Continue reading

Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets

Posted on by Kate Sheofsky

Popcorn. That was the name of the guinea pig and official class mascot at my pre-school. Popcorn technically belonged to one of the teachers, but she came to school every day and once a week a lucky kid got to … Continue reading

Bad Breath is a Sign

Posted on by Kate Sheofsky

When I went to an Oregon Dog Rescue adoption event last October looking for a second dog to add to my home, the first thing I noticed was a ragamuffin Terrier mix with mischievous eyes and a happy tail. The … Continue reading

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Active

Posted on by Kate Sheofsky

My dog Riley loves to go for walks. If for some reason I start my day by doing something other than clipping his leash on him so we can go for our early morning stroll, he gets mad. Running, however, is … Continue reading

How to Keep your Cat Active

Posted on by Kate Sheofsky

Most dogs love to go on walks– just get close to the leash and they’ll start to go crazy. If you need a jogging partner, many dogs are game. But how do you keep a cat active? I had a … Continue reading

Train Yourself to Train Your Dog

Posted on by Kate Sheofsky

The other morning I was walking my dog, Riley, before work. Across the street, a woman was standing on her front lawn in her pajamas while her two little dogs were tending to their business. When the dogs noticed Riley … Continue reading

New Year’s Promises to my Dogs

Posted on by Kate Sheofsky

The new year is here and that means it’s time to reflect on myself and my life and think about the improvements I could make. Drink more water; eat less ice cream; remember to actually take my reusable grocery bags … Continue reading

Top Posts of 2012

Posted on by Kate Sheofsky

2012 is coming to a close so it’s the perfect time to take a look back at the most popular posts from our Sit and Stay blog. We covered a lot of great pet topics this year, but here are … Continue reading

Obedience School Dropout

Posted on by Kate Sheofsky

When I was a kid, I was always excited to start a new school year. It was a time filled with best intentions and infinite potential. I loved getting fresh notebooks for diligent note taking and folders that were sure … Continue reading

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