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Helping My Leash-Reactive Dog

Posted on by Jayme Dukart

A few months back I shared that my dog, Lucas, was diagnosed with being fear reactive. I have been fortunate to be able to work with a local, board-certified veterinary behaviorist who has been able to assess Lucas and help … Continue reading

Do You Have a Dog that Needs Space?

Posted on by Jayme Dukart

Earlier this year, I stumbled upon a blog called Notes From a Dog Walker. The author writes about her experiences walking dogs and brings some great humor and insight to both the challenges and joys of sharing life with a … Continue reading

Why Does My Dog Yawn, Shake and Lick His Lips?

Posted on by Jayme Dukart

You‘ve probably seen your dog exhibit behaviors such as yawning, shaking (at times when they’re not trying to shake off water) and licking his or her lips. While all of these actions are considered normal dog behavior, you may not … Continue reading

Why Does My Dog Mark Everything?

Posted on by Jayme Dukart

Urine marking, also known as territorial marking, is a normal, instinctive dog behavior that is most commonly seen in males, but also sometimes in females. Dogs get a lot of information from urine scent, and just as humans react to … Continue reading

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Posted on by Jayme Dukart

Dogs can frequently be observed eating grass and other plant-like substances. I’ve often seen my own dogs spend a good 15-20 minutes grazing on long grass, and every time they do it I think: what in the world do they … Continue reading

Why Does My Dog Paw at His Bedding?

Posted on by Jayme Dukart

Have you ever gotten a good laugh out of your dog while they dig and paw at their bed and then make multiple circles (often getting up and down several times) before finally laying down and sleeping? Maybe they even … Continue reading

Why Does My Dog Dig?

Posted on by Jayme Dukart

Your backyard looks like a field of exploded landmines, with more holes and dirt than actual grass. Let me guess. You have a dog, and he’s a digger. While it’s not uncommon for dogs to dig, it can be a very … Continue reading

Tips for Choosing a Dog Breeder

Posted on by Jayme Dukart

After a lot of time and research, you have finally decided on what type of purebred puppy you want. But deciding on the breed was the easy part – now you’re faced with finding a good, honest and reputable breeder that will … Continue reading

Adoption as an Option

Posted on by Jayme Dukart

 So, after a lot of deliberation and thought, you’ve decided to add a 4-legged friend to your life. Congratulations!  But now comes the hard part – where are you going to find your perfect companion?  Are you going to buy … Continue reading

Thinking About Getting a Dog or Puppy? Keep These 5 Questions in Mind

Posted on by Jayme Dukart

A new dog or puppy can make a great addition to your family, but before you go out and find your new friend, it’s important to think about how a dog will affect your life – both now and in the … Continue reading

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